2 Neurones & 1 Camera

Olivier Thereaux


Cigarette Stubs

I shoot expired film. I have a number of weird cameras, some way older than myself, some more recent but equally going against the grain of the unstoppable hyper-sharp-giga-pixel photography trend. I even process my own film, usually flouting the instructions and treating my chemicals in ways that should get Amnesty banging at my door some day.

London Street

The results are often weird, and wonderful.

So I get the counter-trend of "vintage" digital photo applications. I really do.

But if you, developer of yet-another-vintage-photography app think you are going to seduce me away from my celluloid ways with your fancy-crappy filters, think again.

You just don't know me so well.

Yes, of course, I like you: thanks to you, I can see my friends' life unfold. That's a given. But your "vintage"-looking filters cannot replace the joy of my weirdography (or lomography™, or wayward photography, or whatever), because what I like about it has little to do about how the end result looks. It's all about surprise.

It's about taking a film roll of the spool, hanging it above the bathtub, and thinking “that's not mine… merde, who gave me this batch of film again?”. It's about scanning a strip and giggling at how spectacularly bad (or good) the pictures turned out. And it's about giving negatives weeks, sometimes months to mature, re-discover them as I develop and scan them, and re-create their story. The photograph becomes the raw material, not the end product.

Give me an app without live preview, sequester my shots for a random period between a day and a year, and I might just give up my film cameras. And even then…


London, August 2012


When I Grow Up


Quelle est l'espérance de vie des grands voyageurs? Une moyenne pondérée, un minimum, un maximum? J'aurais peut-être dû passer plus de temps à Okinawa.

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C'est une chanson de Brel, mais pas celle que l'on croyait. Bien sûr, ils boivent, boivent et reboivent, et pas seuls les marins. La nuit du samedi cent fois écourtée de rires et de cris ivres et enfumés. Mais sur les bords de l'Amstel, c'est sa maison que j'ai trouvée: des tas de fenêtres, et presque pas de murs.

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Signs of Life


Un lion et demi, quelques feuilles, et quelques signes de vie, malgré tout.

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Everything is Broken


July 2014. Hundreds of little broken things, and the lesson of a lifetime.

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2015-2016: Promenades dans Londres, sans fioritures

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Commuter Blues


Hiver 2017: Deux heures porte à porte. Une folie.

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Lost Shoes


London, 2016: Chaussures, sandales, souliers et autres histoires lues sur le pavé brexitannique

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